The Hangry Kit is the perfect emergency snacking solution


Photo via Amazon (CC-BY-SA)

Have it handy when you feel like you're about to lose it.

If you have hangry problems, you know it (and most likely your family and friends do too). Keeping yourself fed is imperative, as you're completely capable of turning into a snarling monster if your blood sugar dips too low.

It's a great idea to keep snacks in the car, but let's face it, we're all busy and forget to do that on the regular. That's where the Hangry Kit comes in handy. Packed with 39 different types of snacks from peanuts to crackers, this is a perfect box to stash somewhere when you feel yourself making the transformation from normal human to irrational werewolf.

The Hangry Kit is featured in Amazon's Lightning Deals for $19.99 the next few hours, but if you miss that price it's still only $24.99 full price. That's not a bad spend considering it could be the wall between you and a total meltdown of the low blood sugar variety.

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